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Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance Foundation

Impacting the lives of foster children and youth

Why You Need a Laptop and How to Apply

Continuing your Education Matters!

College Degrees and Career Education Certificates:

      • Increase employment opportunities
      • Increase earning potential
      • Show Improved lifetime health
      • Increase career Satisfaction

YOU ARE QUALIFIED to apply if you are:

      • A current or former foster youth
      • Enrolled in: University, Community College or Career Education, or
      • Have completed an application for University, Community College or Career Education

Laptop Ownership made Easy

      • You will receive a Microsoft Laptop (some more description here)
      • All necessary software will be loaded (some description here)
      • One-year Warranty
      • Eligible for scheduled Geek Squad Training session by Best Buy/Microsoft

To Apply


Contact Us

Give-a-Gift is a program of the Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

For inquiries about our program, or if you'd like to sponsor us, please email Liz Bauer or Liz Restel, co-chairs of the Give-a-Gift Committee.

Give-a-Gift Committee Members: 
Liz Bauer and Elizabeth Restel, Co-Chairs
Laura Robertson, Carol Lynn Wood, Kathryn K
oh, Sally Ebrahim, Emily Pope, Karissa Sugar

Best Buy  helps coordinate our Laptop Program with the latest technology in computers and accessories at non-profit discount rates. Geek Squad installs software and helps students with tech support and computer warranties for 2 years.

Microsoft provides software at a non-profit discount and assists in software installation. Additionally, they are a corporate donor to our program.

Mikes Bikes provides generous pricing on our bike purchases together with helmets to ensure the safety of cyclists.

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