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Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance Foundation

Executive Board of the Alliance

Each year within the Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance, volunteers are called upon to accept the honor of being called a leader.

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SCMAAF Board of Directors Role and Responsibilities

  1. 80% attendance at Board meetings; 50% attendance Advisory Board and Members-at-Large
  2. Attendance at annual board retreat and planning session
  3. Attend most events such as the annual meeting, special events and fundraisers
  4. Actively involved in strategic planning process: goals and objectives
  5. Actively recruiting members to assist with the functions of the Alliance
  6. Submit monthly report to the Secretary for board reporting
  7. Active participation in Marketing efforts as requested
  8. Help establish annual budget of the Board
  9. Maintain adherence to budget
  10. Maintain knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives
  11. Maintain familiarity with program and event timelines and their chairpersons
  12. Be familiar with duties as outlined in by-laws
  13. Create committees to assist with the work of the board position:
    • a. Oversees the logistics of committee's operations.
    • b. Reports to the Board on the committee's recommendations and decisions
    • c. Assigns work to committee members, sets the agenda and runs the meetings
    • d. Ensures distribution of committee meeting minutes and reports
    • e. Ensure that committee members have the information & support needed to do their jobs
    • f. Actively seeks potential member to succeed your position
  14. Familiar with computer basics of: Email, PowerPoint, Excel, Word
  15. Attend conferences and leadership training courses as needed
  1. Preside over board meetings
  2. Develop and implement strategic plan: goals, activities, resource allocations, fundraising
  3. Partner with board members to ensure board resolutions are carried out
  4. Assist secretary in preparation of the agenda for board meetings
  5. Assist Vice Presidents to achieve their stated goals, objectives, and responsibilities
  6. Call special meetings, ad hoc or executive session, as necessary
  7. Appoint committee chairs, in consultation with other board members & VP of Governance
  8. Act as a spokesperson for the organization in the community
  9. Keep current on issues affecting the non-profit sector & health care community
  10. Utilize outside resources or financial consultants on an as needed basis
  11. Ensures that board members have the information needed to do their jobs
  12. Offer on-going educational and training experiences in the non-profit sector for Board members
  13. Serve as ex-Officio to all committees, except Nominating
  14. Attend SCMA Board meetings four times per year; or as requested and in conjunction with the VP Development

Skills and Qualifications Preferred

  1. Two years prior experience in board role of the Alliance recommended
  2. Proven track record of managing people, fundraising, and financial management
  1. Prepare agenda for board in collaboration with the President
  2. Assist President in the running of the meeting, i.e. presentations, speakers, food, etc.
  3. Board Meeting preparation:
    • a. Coordinate board meeting location and time
    • b. Provide notice of meetings of the board and/or of a committee when such notice is required for Minute-keeping:
    • a. Ensure the safety and accuracy of all board records
    • b. Record minutes of board meetings
    • c. Email board minutes within one week of the conclusion of the board meeting for revisions. Email edited minutes to President one week prior to the meeting (or as agreed).
    • d. If unable to attend a board meeting, coordinate with President in advance to find a substitute. Provide substitute with a minute template. e. Store meeting minutes
  4. Prepare written correspondence as requested by Board President
  1. Be custodian of the funds for the organization: collect, deposit and disburse as authorized in by-laws
  2. Obtain required signatures on all checks
  3. Verify that bills are within budgeted amount
  4. Perform a monthly reconciliation of the Alliance books and Endowment records
  5. Prepare monthly financial reports for review and approval by the Board
  6. Ensure that tax returns are filed annually
  7. Be familiar with the dues structure
  8. Utilize outside resources or financial consultants on an as needed basis
  9. Oversee the development and adherence to the organization's financial policies
  10. Develop the annual budget, present to Board for approval
  11. Oversee an audit from an independent accounting agency on an as-needed basis as requested by the board
  12. Review the audit and answers board members' questions about the audit
  13. Receive previous financial, tax and audited records from former treasurer
  14. Conduct annual assessment of banking relationship, keep abreast of current banking trends or products that would assist the Alliance in being more efficient or cost effective

Skills and Qualifications Preferred

  1. Minimum one year of Alliance membership in good-standing
  2. Prior experience with bookkeeping, checkwriting, bank reconciliations
  3. Proficient with QuickBooks
  4. Solid understanding of good banking practices
  1. Establish and oversee implementation of a non-profit management and fundraising software program
  2. Monitor integration process with existing files, website and database of all Health Promotions and fund-raising programs
  3. Evaluate effectiveness, propose changes, and improvements on a monthly basis; report to the board on a monthly basis
  4. Provide assistance to board and committee chairs for IT needs, as requested
  5. Provide technical support to Board and committee members at events and meetings on an as-needed basis
  6. Provide basic administrative support to the Board

Skills and Qualifications Preferred

  1. Minimum two years of Alliance membership in good standing
  2. Full range of experience with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other relevant software and hardware required
  1. Articulate the organization's mission, accomplishments, and goals to the public and garner support from the community.
  2. Produce press releases for events (to announce in advance or after an event)
  3. Establish a marketing and communications budget in conjunction with the Treasurer
  4. Write creative copy for marketing pieces and develop attention-getting materials while ensuring a concise, consistent, and informative message.
  5. Monitor, update and develop the content of the website and the Facebook page; i.e. Calendar items, photos.
  6. Prepare text for monthly email blasts.
  7. Prepare the quarterly Grapevine member newsletter
  8. Maintain brand and design consistency across printed matter (letterhead, envelopes, and forms) and other collateral pieces.

Skills and Qualifications Preferred

  1. Minimum two year of Alliance membership in good-standing
  2. Advanced computer skills required
  3. Minimum of two years experience in non-profit fundraising
  4. Strong organizational skills required
  1. Serve as link between the CMAA and the SCMAA to bring information from the state level to the local level
  2. Represent the SCMAA at conferences or meetings as needed

Skills and Qualifications Preferred

  1. Minimum two years of Alliance membership in good-standing
  2. Member in good standing of the CMAA
  1. Participate in Board meetings as requested by Board, conference calls, task teams, fundraising and other activities to the fullest extent possible
  2. Review materials prior to the meeting and be prepared to discuss or act on agenda items
  3. Share experiences, expertise and contacts related to the content/constituency area.
  4. Provide specialized technical expertise and knowledge in key areas affecting Foundation growth, stability, and financial performance.
  5. Provide a sounding board to aid in evaluating business ideas and opportunities.
  6. Provide counsel and support to the Board of Directors
  7. Allow the organization to publicize their name and participation on the Advisory Board, list name on letterhead and other communications
  8. Keep informed about plans, activities and needs of the organization
  9. Represent the interests of the Foundation and act as an advocate for the organization in the community
  10. Act annually in some significant way to support the organization?s mission (e.g. expert advice, door opening, funding or fundraising)

Skills and Qualifications Preferred

  1. Minimum two years of Alliance membership in good standing
  2. Minimum of two years SCMAAF Board experience required
  3. Minimum of two years experience in non-profit fundraising
  1. Serve as liaison between membership and Board of Directors
  2. Provide ideas and feedback from membership and present to the Board
  3. Serve as a representative and informant to the membership regarding activities such as strategic direction, volunteer opportunities, fundraising goals, etc. of the board
  4. Serve on committees at discretion or as appointed by board

Skills and Qualifications Preferred

  1. New or existing membership status required
  2. Interested and involved in the well-being and longevity of the Alliance

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