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Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance Foundation

            Health Careers Scholarships of Sonoma County                                Funding Careers in Healthcare in Sonoma County Since 1965     

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Health Careers Scholarships of Sonoma County awards scholarships to qualified students from Sonoma County seeking careers in the medical professions – such as med techs, nursing, physical and occupational therapy and MDs. For details on applying on applying for a scholarship, please visit the 10,000 Degrees website( For general inquiries, please email info@10000degrees.orgFor all other inquiries, please contact Health Careers Scholarships of Sonoma County Chairperson, Lisa Sugarmanat  

Health Careers Scholarships of Sonoma County is a 501(c)3 non-profit program, tax # 34-7046665

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$42,500 in scholarships awarded to the following students for academic year 2023-24

   Medical School

Emma Longmire      University of California San Diego
Karly Lujan
Western Michigan Homer Stryker School of Medicine
Joseph WertzMPH Harvard University, UCLA medical school
Vanessa Nava

Stanford University


Elisa Chavez FigueroaSonoma State University - Nursing
Emma RileyTexas Christian University - Nursing
Luke Ronshausen California State University Sacramento - Kinesiology
Alondra Sanchez Guadalupe Sonoma State University - Chemistry
Calvin Arango Hernandez Santa Rosa Junior College - Radiology Technician
Daisy Arango HernandezDominican University - Nursing
Tina Duong

University of California Davis - Global Health

 Mary Galindo Tirado Sonoma State University - Nursing
 Manuel Garcia Santa Rosa Junior College - X-Ray Technician
 Dominique Garzoli  University of Texas Austin - Nursing 
 Simret Gudat University of California San Diego - Cell & Molecular Biology                                          
 Weini Lin University of California Davis - Biomedical Sciences
 Laura Jojoa Valencia University of California Davis - Biochemistry
 Elisa Macias Orozco Sonoma State University - Nursing
 Adrian Ortiz Santa Rosa Junior College - Nursing

Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance Foundation   |   The Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization   |  Tax ID # 02-0542304

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